Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Its been a while..

So it's been a while, I've been busy at work & the weather has been lovely, so I've been out and about !
A couple of weeks ago I got a flower press from this vintage shop in Leamington. It's lovely, and I have to admit its a lot easier and more precise to use than a pair of big books!! Also my other half has been doing some moth and butterfly pinning ( I don't know the technical term !!) it's basically taxidermy but butterflies, so between both of us, we've been busy bees !!

So just some snaps !! It's raining over in Warwickshire at the moment, when will summer come !?! 


Wednesday, 21 May 2014

weekend snaps

Haven't blogged for a while. The weather has been so glorious in the UK so I had to take advantage by sitting in the park , reading , and eating ( obviously !!)

Also these guys came into the shop this week, so flipping cute !!

Hope all is okay ,

Thursday, 15 May 2014


I cannot believe how blessed we've been with this gorgeous weather!! Yesterday A and I took a stroll down the canal side and fed some ducks, it was so glorious, the heat on my face and skin was just lovely. I think its a lot nicer because I'm off work too, so today I can do the same!!!

I got this glorious dress from TESCO, for £9!!!! (I felt I had to put tesco in capitals, because its just amazing!!) its a great length as well, so I can cover my tattoos for work!!

Anyway, I'm off to enjoy the sunshine, then do some yoga practice. What are you lovelies up to today ?


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Weekend blues

Birthday = Calorific cakes

Mr A. Took me to Harry Potter in London, it was AMAZING. If ya a fan, get going !!
On the Knight bus !!

I decided to spend the weekend at home, it was so lovely to be back in the countryside, especially with my kitties, AND the rainbow cake my mamma made me, I am so blessed :)

Also I love crocs, don't judge me. They are wicked for pottering around in the garden, planting bulbs and digging up weeds, although my outfit was very purple, but still, thats wicked no?

Anyway, just a short one for now, I'm off for a walk by the canal :)

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Hairpost: Bleach London

Working in retail can have some downsides. One being you can't experiment with your hair!! So as I booked a week of work I thought I'd give Bleach London ago, and have a bit of an experiment !!

Now I've heard lots about the products , and seen all the pictures and followed their Instagram and what not, so I was pretty excited to try out the Bleach Rosé and the Bleach Parma Violets dye. I'd looked on their Instagram page and it showed a model with the coolest pastel hair, and it said they'd mixed these two products, so I wanted to do the same! 
 At first it looked extremely dark, as I'd imagined. I'm a natural blonde, but over the years I've experimented with bleach and purple toners, so my hair is practically silver anyway! 
Firstly I washed my hair with lukewarm water as instructed. I used my Fudge purple shampoo to get rid of any brassiness. After I'd towel dried my hair, I applied the mixture.
Like I said it was dark, but I had high hopes ! I left in on for the recommended time of 15 minutes  (watched abito come done with me :-p) and then washed it out untill the water ran clear. 
Once I'd dried my hair I had the results. I felt amazing ! Like a human jigglypuff , like a unicorn, like a candy floss head! It was amazing ! 
It was a bit patchy , but I didn't mind, who wants hair all the same colour ? I thought of it as a tie dye effect !! My roots are quite dark anyway as I'm trying my hardest to grow my hair, so it didn't take too well on them , but still, looked amazing, and that's all I wanted ! 
Snaps in Pandora with my old work pals!!
Anyway it was good ... Untill ... I went for a shower yesterday ( I'd dyed my hair on the Thursday, so yesterday was Saturday ) on the bottle it says 2-10 washes , I was hoping for 2-10 washes , but nope. I jumped in the shower yesterday and when I got out, my hair was blonde again. Maybe a little peachy in some lights, but defo blonde again. It's such a shame, I did exactly what it said on the bottle , but it just didn't stick! Only downfall eh !! 
This is my hair now, blonde blonde blonde ! No pink at all. So if your thinking about using the dye, maybe think twice before wasting £10 on the products !


Thursday, 8 May 2014

its my birthday !!

Soooo, it's my birthday tomorrow, and I'm finally hitting the massive 23!! ( not so massive , but hey, it's a celebration!!) I've decided to book a week of work, to catch up with family and friends, get drunk, do yoga, and of course, eat cake !!

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Warwickshire, so the boy and I decided to make the most of it, and get our bikes out and hit the road! 

We decided to go to our favourite French cafe and eat crepes and drink cola, it's a truly beautiful cafe, with hidden corners, and spectacular decor!! 

I had a cheese and smoked ham crepe, it was so yummy , and just the right amount before our bike ride!! So if your ever in the Leamington area, hit me up, and we can go on a date !

Once we'd finished, we got to our bikes and headed off. 
It's hard to find peace and quiet in a busy town, so I was very surprised when we went to our park , and it was so quiet!! It was mid day so I imagine most folk would be at work, but still! 
After a long ride, and a peaceful rest, I started reflecting (AGAIN!!) I thought how lucky we are , I am, for this peace and quiet. I know it sounds mad, but I am. Coming from such a small village, where you can't hear a thing apart from the birds sing, to living on a busy main road, finding it hard to sleep, can make you a little stressed, sometimes yoga doesn't even help, so I took that moment to stretch out, and just not make a noise! It was lovely ! 

Anyway , I'm off to do a crab, peace out lovers 

Sunday, 4 May 2014

New starters

So on Sundays I go home. And as today was such beautiful weather, I decided to spend it in the garden with my beautiful cats. 

Its been a tough week. Money worries mainly, its like I literally can't afford to live. If i carry on living in my box flat, I'm sure I will go insane, I can't afford anywhere bigger, so thats out of the question. And I can't move home. If I moved home, there would be no way of me getting to work, I can drive, but I'd have to save for a car, which means I wouldn't be saving for a flat. There are no buses in my village, so its a no win situation. Its just been one of those mind boggling things! 

Also I watched this really inspirational video on how we are wasting our lives on phones and weird tablets, and its so true!! Its the first thing I look at when I get up, and the last thing I look at when I go to sleep. I see children coming into the shop with iPads, and I think, is this just a way out for the parents? To get the child to shut up ? Its horrific.

 Ive been trying to become more at one with myself this year, (it was one of my new year resolutions) and I think this is going to be one of the biggest changes.
New house rules!!! No technology whatsoever allowed before 10am, and after 10pm. My working hours are 9.30-5.30 (as its the company rules) But I will be getting up earlier, stretching out, maybe practicing some yoga, make a smoothie, and be energised for the day. Then when I get home, instead of turning on the T.V. I shall be drawing, writing essays, blogging, then maybe a cycle. Then to bed, at a reasonable hour. 

If I eat right, drink right, & live right, then everything will be alright :)

So any suggestions on smoothies would be rather grande :)